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Metropolitan State TRIO Pay It Forward Tour

The Pay It Forward Tours will take place from May 7-10th destined for Chicago, IL!

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Alumni Profile: Scarleth Lopez

Scarleth Lopez was a participant on Stephen F. Austin State University’s first ever Pay It Forward Tour.

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Core Site/Brand Materials

Here you will find STLF's official branding and marketing material.  It is crutial that you read and follow our brand guidelines to ensure consistant messaging and mission allignment

Brand Guidelines

Before you start, please take a moment to read and review STLF's Brand Guidelines. STLF's Brand Guidelines describe, define, and present examples of what our brand looks like in various visual media such as print, internet, and broadcast.  It is imperative to our overall branding, communication and marketing strategy that these guidelines be followed at all times so our branding is consistent.  There are many font, color, and graphic options though so be creative and have fun!

CLICK HERE to read STLF's Official Brand Guidelines


Logo - PNG (Transparent)
Logo - JPEG
Logo - White
Letterhead - Color

Official Fonts

CLICK HERE to download all the fonts
If you do not download the fonts, the Publisher File will not be formatted correctly

Veranda:  Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic
Claire Hand - Bold
Jenna Sue
Cooper Black
Quicksand - Regular
Quicksand - Bold
Quicksand - Bold Italic
Quicksand - Italic
Quicksand - Light
Quicksand - Light Italic

Marketing Materials

About STLF (Front and Back)
       - PDF (write in current statistics)
       - Publisher (type in current statistics)

Flyer - One Page (Front and Back)
       - PDF (write in tour details)
       - Publisher (type in tour details)

Quarter Sheets - One Page (Front and Back) - For mass handouts
       - Publisher (type in tour details)

Table Tents - One Page (Front only)
       - Publisher (type in tour details)

Powerpoint Template

Impact Page
       - Publisher (type in current statistics)

Posters - Printed professionally and given to chapters by Nash

STLF Videos: For recruitment purposes, to share information with contacts and donors, or just for fun!

STLF YouTube Channel
STLF from a Student's Perspective
STLF from a Teacher's Perspective
STLF from an Parent's Perspective

Do you need something that's not here?  Do you think National can provide it?  Contact us, and we will try our best!

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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

STLF shaped Ay's college experience and prepared him future leadership skills

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